Untapped, World Beating Potential

Regional Strengths – 
– Why we’re the best in the world-

Why do major British retailers like Marks and Spencer use so many Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire companies for their wide range of high quality products? And why does NADCAT’s Sutton-in-Ashfield office receive enquiries on a daily basis from buyers as far afield as America, Denmark and France?

The answer, quite simply, is that the two counties possess untapped world-beating potential in the clothing and textile market and it is NADCAT’s aim to ensure that this potential is fully exploited and the industry is well and truly put on the map.

The area is home to world class textile companies like Courtaulds, Coats, Viyella, and Pretty Polly. Added to this, there is a strong manufacturing base, a highly skilled, motivated workforce and a labour cost advantage compared to many European competitors. 

NADCAT’s Chief Executive, Jeff Scrivner, said:

“The UK has and still does utilise companies in this area for sourcing but what we are finding is that more and more foreign buyers are seeing the benefits of talking to the area Every day, the NADCAT office handles enquiries from buyers. It’s the scale and depth of the manufacturing capability which many are drawn to. NADCAT is the vehicle to access the world-class manufacturing capability of this region.”

One such example was in August last year when an American lingerie company sent three buyers responsible for UK sourcing to a ‘Meet the Buyer’ held in Nottinghamshire organised by NADCAT. Ten NADCAT members made presentations and a further two had appointments in London the following day.

“The reaction from buyers was encouraging. They were impressed with the price, quality and designs. Many companies are now sampling and are in direct dialogue with Fredericks,” said a NADCAT spokesman.

Other interest has come from French wholesalers sourcing for a mail order catalogue and Japanese designers who were impressed by the region’s manufacturing capability.

Aside from its strong manufacturing base, there is substantial presence of a highly skilled, dedicated workforce – around 48,000 people are employed in the industry in the two counties of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. – The East Midlands as a whole, employs more people in the textile industry than in any other part of the UK.

The region’s central location and superb transport links are also an important strength. Many companies have successfully identified niche markets and have developed a strong national and international reputation for quality and innovation.

Flexibility and the ability to work to short lead times is another strength which many companies in the two counties possess.