Everything You Need To Know About Replacement Window Costs & Curb Appeal

Window Replacement for Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Step outside, walk across the road, and turn around. Do you like what you see?  Perhaps your home is slightly outdated and styles have changed since the time it was built?

First impressions last and you only have one chance to make them. Your home’s curb appeal is no different and a new window replacement is the one change you can make for an instant upgrade.

In today’s ever-changing housing market, very few things can compare to the overall impact replacement windows have on your property’s curb appeal.


Why Choose Windows?

A perfectly manicured lawn and pretty garden can only do so much to enhance your home’s aesthetic. If you take pride in your home, upgrading the front will certainly improve your curb appeal, and replacement windows will make the biggest impact, almost instantly.

By the time someone walks up to your front door, they’ve already formed an opinion on what your home’s interior must be like. They’ve also probably formed an opinion of who you are as well.

Real Estate Agents Agree – Curb Appeal Sells

90% Of real estate agents agree that a buyer’s first impression of the home’s front entry was enough to close the deal. This is because more than 80% of them have experienced potential buyers who simply declined to view the interior of the house based on its curb appeal.

Correctly chosen and professionally installed windows eventually pay for themselves. That’s why the best agents advise sellers to update their windows in order to maximize curb appeal.

However, once you decide to replace your windows, it’s important to keep in mind that not all windows are created equally. Your choice of style, color, and the material will determine how well they enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as its cost estimation.

Additional Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Windows

If you are ready to give your home a facelift, it really comes down to every homeowner’s unique requirements. However, consider the following:

Window Material

The quality of the materials will naturally affect the home’s overall look. If you want to go with a classic choice, wood may be for you. Wood does, however, require more maintenance and it is susceptible to rot. It’s also more expensive.

Many homeowners prefer to use a different material that lasts longer, and the window industry’s leading manufacturers now produce materials immune to rot, peel, crack, and corrosion which will not detract from the overall aesthetic of your property. This includes:

  • vinyl
  • fiberglass
  • aluminum
  • composite
  • wood-clad

    Traditional vs. Contemporary

Do you want to remain historically correct, or do you want a new, updated look?  You should try to mirror your neighbors and stick to your home’s architectural style. In some situations, you should aim for punctuating your home’s style rather than creating a brand new one. Home’s that tend to be traditionally appealing are much more sought after.

Window Colors

Colors bring personality to your home. For many homebuyers, however, eye-catching and dramatic colors could be hit and miss. Dark, earthy, and muted colors are much more desirable while brown, canvas, forest green, black and white frames still make you stand out with a timeless, elegant touch. You can also use semi-gloss or gloss exterior paint to make your windows stand out. Splotchy work will be immediately noticeable, so if you’re not up to doing the painting yourself, consider hiring an expert.


Window Coverings

It’s important to be consistent with the color in the backing of your window coverings. If you are using blinds, louvers, interior shutters, or shades, be sure to match them in order to maintain continuity of color throughout. Matched blinds and curtains add a lot to the perception of the quality of your home. Be careful when choosing the size and shape of your shutters, however. If your home is too small, shutters may not work. If your windows are too close to the corner of the house the shutters might overlap the edge of the home.

Punctuated Windows

Never underestimate the use of lighting to add to your home’s curb appeal. When lit at night, windows become a welcome exterior attraction to viewers who may be passing by. Window lights can be set with timers, and you could also consider decorations like window boxes with flowers to further enhance the charm of your home.

Frequency of Maintenance

To maximize the effectiveness of your windows, be sure to keep them clean and well maintained. A prospective buyer’s first glimpse of cleanliness starts outside in the driveway and on the lawn.

New Windows Make a Statement

Windows can make a statement about you and your home, and there are several windows that can really punctuate your curb appeal to let the architecture and aesthetics speak for themselves. With new replacement windows, you can create and combine an endless variety of geometric shapes for perfect head-turning curb appeal.

Consider the following shapes to make the biggest statement.

  • Eyebrow Windows: Common in attics or rooms on the upper floor, these are interesting from the outside and the inside.
  • Oval Windows: Oval windows really complement the curvy architecture.
  • Larger Windows:  Larger windows of the same shape really bring on the “wow factor”.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Windows

There are of course many other benefits to updating and upgrading the windows, apart from just an overall increase in your home’s value and enhanced curb appeal

Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher efficiency with reduced monthly electric bills
  • Durability through superior quality materials
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Noise reduction
  • Increase airflow
  • Increased natural light
  • UV protection


Upgrading your windows to higher quality products will give potential buyers and other passers-by a great first impression of your home. High-quality windows also lead to the impression that the homeowner has taken care of everything else, including the design, lighting, paint, flooring, and more – making your property a lot more attractive to potential buyers.

Pet Health Insurance and Taking Good Care of Your Pet

Being a pet owner is not much different from being a parent to a child. Sure, some animals require less work than others do but overall it is a task where you are to take good care of your pet animal because, as a pet it is not able to take care of itself.

There is so much more to taking good care of a pet and if you do a fantastic job (and has a little luck), you will never need to use the insurance coverage.

Taking care of a pet is obviously not just about giving it toys to play with and beds to sleep in, but even more so about keeping your pet healthy and vital through proper nutrition and daily exercise. All pets are different and what might be perfect for a large dog will not fit a small pet rabbit. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to educate yourself and make sure that you know all there is to know about your specific pet breed so that you can take proper care of it. Unfortunately, there are many cases where pet medical insurance is needed because of poor caretaking from the owners of pets.

Aside from concrete suggestions for the best pet beds or the healthiest food for your pet cat or dog, you will also find a lot of information to the individual topics from pet owners just like you.

Why Pet Health Insurance is Important

As already mentioned, we find that having the proper pet insurance plan in place is vital for any pet owner. Unless you are one of the few people that have more than enough money, you will find that a pet insurance can not only cover you back if things go wrong, it can also help you sleep better at night. You will know that if your pet becomes ill or is involved in some kind of accident, it will not be a matter of having the money that will determine the level of caretaking you will get for your pet.

Since pet insurance companies are not created equal, you will find that some are less popular than others are. In the three articles mentioned above as well as many of the other articles on this site, you will find that going for a cheap pet insurance might not be the best long term solution.

When something is “cheap” there is normally a reason for it and in terms of insurance coverage it usually means that very little is covered. What you want is to get a “great deal”. Talking to different insurance companies like Trupanion, PetPlan, PetsBets and VIP will give you a better view of what you can expect to get. Some of the companies are willing to give a discount if you commit to longer periods or add more insurance policies with them, but again we would like to stretch that price is not the only thing to look at.

The companies that give quotes for pet health insurance will normally charge extra for better service. Having the option to draw on great customer service representatives might not seem important as long as you don’t need to use the insurance coverage but once you need it, it will be worth so much more than you can imagine.

Some insurance companies are notoriously known for not paying when claims are made and you obviously want to avoid those. The best way to figure out who they are is to listen to their customers. Other pet owners have been in situations where they thought they could rely on pet medical insurance plan when their pet got sick, only to find that the cost for pet meds where not covered for whatever obscure reason.

Pet Care is the First Step

You need to think about the quality of treatment you provide for your pet. On a day to day basis you will need to provide the proper nutritional intake for your pet as well as clean water. But food is not the only ingredient to a healthy, happy and long life for pets. Exercise and training are a vital part too as pets need to move daily. Just like we humans do. With food and exercise you can keep the health care treatments needed on a minimum.

Vaccines and other regular checkups at the VET is still required but the great cost comes from when something is wrong. Not when everything is fine. And that is where the pet health insurance comes in. Insurance is merely a safety net for you and your pet. An economical safety net for you as the pet owner and a health/life safety net for your pet. I pray that you will get insurance but that you will never need it.

Concrete Decor Advice On Building Concrete Steps

Building Concrete Steps

Concrete steps are a great option if you are looking to add beauty and durability to your current project. Concrete steps can seamlessly fit into the landscape and are actually a quite simple project that can be done by all the do-it-yourself types.

Concrete steps are built using a concrete mix and wooden blocks. The concrete mix can be conveniently purchased in ready condition from any concrete supplier. It can also be prepared on site. Concrete steps can be made using a few other simple tools such as concrete forms.

Alternatives to Concrete Steps

Concrete ramps are a popular alternative to concrete steps. They are a better option if there is a slight change in elevation. If certain types of heavy equipment such as lawnmowers or wheel barrows, concrete ramps are a great option. It is vital that the slope of the concrete ramp is designed to meet construction specifications.

Are you looking for Precast Concrete steps for your home or business ? Precast offer the finest quality steps to compliment any residential or commercial application.

Precast steps are sized, molded, and created offsite. We then bring them on site and do a custom install for each situation.

Precast steps are structurally engineered, meant to last a lifetime. Precast concrete steps and landings can be installed in all types of applications. We have installed them in some of the finest custom homes, as well as spec homes.  High quality concrete steps are not slippery, and are maintentance free. For example, no painting required. Precast steps will enhance the appearance and value of your home, and last a lifetime.

Ready Mix Concrete: The Practical Solution

A building under construction or any construction site may require a stock of concrete supplied continuously. The disadvantage of combining and yielding concrete at the location of the construction is the large amount of time spent on obtaining the proper proportion for the concrete mixture. It also takes considerable time for all the components of the mix to be transported to the work site. Using ready mix concrete solves this inconvenience. Ready mix concrete is produced at another location then transported to the work site by big trucks that have mixers or hoppers that are rotating non-stop to ensure that the concrete is in good form until it is used.

Save Time and Effort with Ready Mix Concrete

Construction contractors prefer to use ready mix concrete since in using it, time and effort are not wasted. A minor mistake in the proportion of wet/dry may cause the whole quantity of concrete to be unacceptable. With ready mix concrete, you will be assured that the proportion of wet/dry is accurate. Another concern faced at the work site is the need for the constant supply of clean water, which may not always be available. With ready mix concrete, all problems are solved. Ready mix concrete manufacturers could hasten the amount of time it takes for concrete to dry by including more aggregates or particular curatives, according to the needs of the concrete contractors.

Find Local Tree Cutting Services From Tree Doctors

Hiring a professional tree cutting service?

Different weather patterns with high winds and significant rain can cause the uprooting of trees during the rainy season with high winds.  Additionally, during the hot summer months — the ground can be so dry that trees can die.  Its important to remove dead trees before they become dangerous and fall on property or can cause injury to pedestrians.

So what should you look out for?

Safety when cutting down trees is a must.  Its very dangerous when cutting down large oak, pine, palm trees because they are so large and heavy.  Additionally, the location of the tree, if they are in a corner, near power lines or gas lines – can make the job more challenging.

The condition of the tree can be risky task to cut down a tree.  Dead trees which have been dead for a while may be dry in sections causing the tree to crumble vs. come down as we cut it piece by piece.  We use multiple pulleys, ropes and safety in every job is a must.

Look for companies that offer the following services:

  • Complete Tree Removal Services
  • Dead or diseased trees
  • Trees posing a safety hazard
  • Post Storm Tree Removal
  • Overcrowded Trees

Once we cut down the tree you want removed, we will clear and haul away all of the debris to ensure you have a safe outdoor environment around your property.

Any decent tree cutting services, need to remove dead trees, cut large tree branches, or remove limbs to trim your trees, to get the job done. They clear trees safely prior to your construction project at an affordable price.

Check that the tree services owns all equipment necessary for your tree removal, stump grinding, tree cutting service and the crew works for the company and  make sure they are fully insured.

Make sure they offer affordable rates for all your tree removal, land clearing and stump grinding needs. Removing a tree can be complicated, so experience counts.  If your tree is hanging over your neighbors house or your house, or over a pool area, next to power lines or gas lines.

Tree removing by experienced team is a must, they trim the top of the tree and using ropes and pulleys, they bring large and small tree cut pieces to the ground safely.

Make sure the team wil remove them from your property and also grind down the stump so that you have a beautiful and safe outdoors to enjoy.

Magnolia trees are everywhere and dead trees can be dangerous and should be cut down and removed.  Trees can fall on the home, neighbors homes, on property and can even risk lives should the tree fall due to high winds or rain.

So, if you need to removed a tree or cut down several trees from your property and have them removed, you know what to look out for before calling a tree removal service.  They will ensure the tree is cut down with care, no risk to you and your property and they offer stump grinding services and chipper removal services as well.

Tips for Home Security Surveillance And Motion Sensor Installation

Have you been looking into increasing your home security? If you have, then you may have been thinking about home security surveillance. One key way to protect your home, property, and family is simply by knowing exactly what is going on at all times in and around your house.

Probably the most fundamental protection techniques come having a wired-in wall built with sirens, battery backup, motion detectors wired, wireless keyboards (so you’ll be able to spark or inactivate the program remotely), and connections for at the very least six hardwired zones. A zone is surely an region of the house, indoors or outdoors to protect you. For instance, for those who have a detached garage or workshop inside your house, this might be an region defended by its protection program for your property.

Any good cable method will even be equipped using the capability to add wireless to sixteen saved places. Whereas a low-cost wireless program could do enough to deter burglars, possibly not 24 / 7 impartial audit.

Independent monitoring indicates that both you plus the police forces are notified immediately of an intrusion in your property. A good hard wiring system right away and concurrently up to 6 unique telephone figures to select from inside the catching of an intruder.

Installing surveillance cameras on the external areas of your property is one good way to not only record anything that goes on around your property, but also to prevent possible burglaries.

The reason this may help prevent thieves from attempting to rob your house is because they will see a visible camera and it will tell them that the owner of the house is prepared. Even if they try to dismantle a surveillance camera, the thief can never be sure it’s the only one.

So often, your house will get passed up for another one. This is a good thing. It is much better to deter than to have to deal with being robbed, which is obvious.


Notice how I mentioned that you want the camera to be visible. In this way, your surveillance system will be “overt,” meaning you want everyone to know it’s there. There’s no point in keeping it hidden.

On the interior of your home, however, it’s the opposite. You may want the system in your home to be “covert,” meaning hidden. This type of system is to protect you from the people who have ready access to your home like gardeners, maids, babysitters, or friends of neighbors.

You can hint to people that surveillance cameras are in place and they will be sure to keep to themselves. No one wants to be caught on a hidden camera looking around for a hidden surveillance system.

The bottom line with protection programs “do it your self at property is that you can invest as much or as small as you would like depending on what you choose is totally no require to feel secure and comfy in your residence.

Hiring A Building Contractor For A New Conservatory

New Conservatories Build

A conservatory contractor will have all the experience and the latest energy saving conservatory solutions to create you a luxury conservatory which is usable all year round. Our bespoke conservatory design service allows us to create both traditional and contemporary conservatories, resulting in a unique, high quality addition to your home.


If you want to maximise the use of your conservatory then you should replace your roof. If you need a little more convincing, here’s some more reasons why you should replace your conservatory roof with either tiles, polycarbonate or a glass roof.

Use all year round – The latest tiled, polycarbonate and glass roofs make your conservatory cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter

Reduce your energy bills – Less heating in Winter and, with tiles, the opportunity to fit Solar Panels to the roof too

Improve the value of you home – With the latest technology conservatory your house will be worth more

Skylight windows – If chosing a tiled roof, skylight windows can be fitted too

Lightweight Tiles – All the benefits of a solid roof, without putting extra pressure on your conservatory’s frame and foundations.

“Heat Block” Polycarbonate – Rejects 87% of solar gain keeping the conservatory cool in Summer and a U value of 1.2 keeps the conservatory warmer in Winter

Self Cleaning Glass – Reduces heat loss in Winter by up to 45% and is as effective as triple glazing

All tiles come with a 40 year weatherproof guarantee and having been tested against extreme weather conditions, making them the ideal roofing solution for your conservatory along with the polycarbonate and glass options.

Conservatory Contractor guarantees:

Make sure you get the prospective builders of a new conservatory to agree to atleast the following:

  • Your conservatory will be usable all year round
  • It will be warmer in Winter
  • It will be cooler in Summer
  • You will use your conservatory a lot more
  • Your heating bills will reduce
  • Compare conservatory prices throughout the UK

Types Of Conservatories

Victorian and Edwardian Conservatories

If you are looking for a traditional conservatory we can offer you a wide choice, anything from a simple lean-to through to an ambitious Victorian or Edwardian design. One feature we specialise in is the integration of bi-folding doors to open up the conservatory to the outdoors when weather permits.

Contemporary Conservatories

Many homeowners require a modern, contemporary interpretation of a conservatory. We help design and create the bespoke Conservatory you are looking for and to create a unique new living space for your home.



In the 17th Century, orangeries were popular amongst the “well heeled” for growing exotic plants and fruits which normally only grow in warmer climates.

Today, orangeries are elegant, light and airy home extensions with large “lantern” roofs and tall windows; they are usable all year round. Conservatories differ from Orangeries in that the walls of an orangery are partly constructed from stone, brick and hardwood rather than purely glass.

Double Hung Window Replacement Find Quality Window Services

Window Replacement can help you transform your home or business into your dream. Natural light makes every space seem bigger and adds to the value of your property. Window replacement offer the top brand names and styles in windows, doors and glass replacements. Skilled window specialists will help you choose products that work best for your needs and environment. Window replacement work with you to bring more beauty to your home or business.

You can count on the quality of our service, we guarantee satisfaction with every job we do. Our contractors are skilled, trained window specialists, and we stand by our work. Our knowledgeable staff will leave your property as clean as we found it and carefully replace windows without unnecessary demolition or damage.

Find a provider of quality window services:

  • Window Replacement
  • New Window Installation
  • Window Pane Replacement
  • Window Repair
  • Custom Windows
  • Choice Of High Quality Frames
  • Vinyl Replacement Windows

Casement Windows

We have many high quality Casement Window options for you to choose from. We only offer the best in windows for your window installation as we believe that this investment should last for the life of your home. Casement Windows have always been one of the more popular choices for window design and are available in custom and standard sizes.

Double Hung Windows

A homeowners dream, if there ever was one. Double Hung Windows are prized for their ease of use and tilt features, which make cleaning simple and painless. Nothing makes a home look more well kept than clean, shiny windows. Simply unlatch along the window sash, and tilt in or down to wipe the entire surface completely. Offered in many energy efficient varieties, these windows are our most ordered for window replacement, especially in older homes.

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows are considered the standard for windows going back to early construction methods. If your home was built before the 1980?s chances are most of your windows will be Single Hung. Most homeowners choose to replace earlier models with energy efficient Single or Double hung windows.

Bay or Bow Windows

Some of the most beautiful homes have Bay or Bow Windows dating back to the origin of their homes. These windows dramatically increase the value of your home, and any home appraiser will concur that replacing current windows with Bay Windows will greatly increase the appeal and value of your home. Bow windows also have the advantage of adding space to your rooms, opening up walls and letting more light in.

Awning Windows

Often referred to as privacy windows, Awning Windows are a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and basements because of their versatility and ease of use. Basement awning windows are often a fantastic option as they allow air in, but keep elements out. Many homes have an awning window or two in the bathrooms, providing privacy while allowing steam and moisture to escape, preventing mold issues. Contact us today to discuss your awning window needs.

Sliding Windows

A growing number of homes have sliding windows installed for their convenience and visual appeal. Allowing larger windows to be easily opened and closed on smooth runs is a definite advantage to many homeowners struggling with sticking windows. Double sliders can be installed in most window casings and can easily be dismounted for cleaning and repair. These windows provide ease of care and low maintenance.

Many older homeowners look to add sliding or hinged Patio Doors, adding value and inviting outdoor entertaining throughout the warmer months. Families with children and pets especially enjoy the added benefits of properly installed sliding doors. Looking to replace your current slider window?

Patio Doors

Special Shape Windows. Because of the age of some homes, many have unusual window shape and sizes. We are the expert of glass replacement and special window installation in your area. Have our skilled window craftsmen come and give you an evaluation of your current circle, square, rectangle and diamond windows.

Custom Windows

Window replacement are the Custom Window Experts! Window replacement will go to extremes to get you the windows you are looking for, installed by experts and built to last for a lifetime.

ADT vs Frontpoint vs Protect America vs Vivint – Which is the Best Security System?

In today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint home security systems, we’re going to go over the key similarities, key differences, what you get in their respective packages, the installation processes to professional monitoring options, the customer support, and finally delve into their mobile applications so that you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Let’s kick off today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint by going over their key similarities. Now, with each of these systems, you’re going to have to sign a long-term contract.

Unfortunately, there are no flexible month-to-month contracting with any of these companies. The second thing you’ll note is that they basically all come at the same core components for our home security system. That means a hub, motion sensors, entry sensors, and an indoor video camera to make sure you capture anything going on inside of your home. Let’s check out the differences now between ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint. The first big one is installation. ADT and Frontpoint are pretty straightforward do-it-yourself installation processes. Protect America is do-it-yourself but on the phone with a customer service representative while Vivint requires you to have a professional come in and install the entire home security system.

They also differ when it comes to professional monitoring. ADT and Frontpoint require professional monitoring. Protect America requires you to pay for cellular backup but gives you professional monitoring for free. Vivint actually allows for you to self-monitor your system. Hold on, hold on. A quick break. I hope you’re enjoying today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint. If you want to be kept up to date on the newest in smart home security, password managers, VPNs, please subscribe to our channel. We’re dropping new content weekly. Let’s get back to the video. Now that we’ve gone over the key similarities and key differences, let’s check out the systems themselves. With ADT, I’ve got the video package. With Vivint, I got the basic security system and I ordered customized systems from Frontpoint and Protect America.

One should note that with each of these home security systems, I got at the very least motion sensors, entry sensors, indoor video cameras, and security hubs. If you want to see a breakdown of all the components that we’ll find with each of these systems, check out our full written comparison in the link below. Let’s talk about installation. ADT, Frontpoint, and Protect America have do-it-yourself installation. Vivint requires you to pay about $129 and they’ll have a professional come and install it.

Honestly, of the DIY experiences, they’re all pretty straight forward as they had guided setups right there on their mobile applications. One thing that did stand out to me is Protect America does have the do-it-yourself setup but they also require you to call someone on the phone to set it up which is something I actually liked because during that phone call, we went through setting up each piece and actually ensuring that it worked. It’s the best of both worlds with professional and do-it-yourself installation.

None of these really jumped out at me that hard but I will note that if you don’t want to pay for cellular backup, you can get professional monitoring for free going with the Protect America home security system. When it comes to top system for professional monitoring, I’m going with Protect America.

If you’ve been paying attention today, you’ll note that there hasn’t really been a clear winner in today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint. It’s going to really boil down to a personal preference. Maybe I can help out and break it down a little bit further for you in super simple terms. You’re going to want to go with ADT if you want the tried and true biggest most popular home security provider in America today. Along with that they even give you the option to FaceTime with a customer service representative. Frontpoint has the outright best customer support in the game. All of them with a one-year contract option. Protect America has the most affordable equipment and will even give you someone to talk to on the phone as you go through your do-it-yourself installation process. Finally, Vivint has someone come to your home and very professionally install the system and will provide you with the best mobile app experience that there is out there for home security systems. Overall, four systems, four very different experiences but four solid choices for home security.

Mobility Scooters: How to Choose a Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter

So which Travel Mobility scooter is right for you?

This article introduces us to one of the many mobility scooters models available on the market

Today, I wanted to go ahead and concentrate on the Pride Go Go line. So let’s get started with the Go Go 3-wheel Ultra X scooter. This is Pride’s entry-level scooter and comes standard with a throttle pod, a key. It has its battery gauge and a horn. It also comes with a front basket, adjustable arm rest, and a swivel swivel seat.

With a maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds and a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour, you’re able to get 8 miles per charge. The optional colors include red and blue. Next up in our Go Go Ultra X line is the 4-wheel model.

This model features all the features and benefits as the 3-wheel model, however, it has a fourth wheel for stability and less than 6 lbs in overall weight. And for those of you that require a little more luxury, the Go Go Elite Traveller may be the scooter for you.

With a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds and a 4.25 miles per hour maximum speed, you still get the up to 8 miles per charge. In addition to the practical features of the Go Go Ultra X, the Elite Traveller will start to add some cosmetic features, so really depending on your mood for that day, you can have the red color, which this piece can be removed on any color that’s red and be changed.

Feeling a little lively on that day, and you want to go with blue? You can change every piece in the scooter to blue. And if you feel a little race-y and kinda wanna go out and get somebody off the road, you can go ahead and go with the silver. And again, that changes anything that’s red or blue or silver can be changed throughout the entire scooter, depending on your mood.

So we’ve looked at the Go Go Ultra X, the Go Go Elite Traveller, and now it’s time to look at the Go Go Elite Plus HD. So for those of you who require 325 pounds maximum carrying capacity and would like to go up to 4.5 miles per hour, this is the scooter for you. You’ll also get up to 12 miles per battery charge and larger tires, so you can drive on most surfaces.

So there you have it. It really is that easy to get your freedom and independence back.

Electric Stair Lift Info: Is An Electric Stair Lift The Right Solution?

An electric stair lift is an economical and practical solution for the elderly or physically impaired which provides safe and easy movement from one floor of your house to another. Having the ability to install access devices like an electric stair lift has meant that even those individuals who previously were only able to climb or descend the stairs with the assistance of another, can now live a more normal and independent life in their own home.

Electric Stair Lifts Models for Indoor and Outdoor Use:

There are now a number of respected stairlift manufacturers who supply indoor and outdoor electric stair lifts – see a complete guide to stair lift reviews & costs. The models designed to operate outdoors are made with ample weatherproofing so they will resist the weather, even in extreme conditions. It doesn’t matter if your stairs are straight or curved as you can get an electric stair lift to fit both types. They can be mounted to either side of the staircase and do not require any structural modifications to your building. This makes them a very cost-effective addition to your home compared to alternatives like a residential elevator.

Designed with User-friendly Controls and Enhanced Safety Features:

Electric stair lifts now come with exceptional safety features as standard. These include seat belts, padded armrests, swivel seats, safety brakes and more. Stairlifts now also come with obstruction sensors. This sensor detects any obstructions blocking the path of the stair chair lift, and stops it automatically when it encounters an obstacle. This is a really important feature which helps to avoid the chances of the user getting injured and the lift getting damaged during operation. The stair lifts are also integrated with a folding facility, which allows the lift to be remain folded when not in use. This lets other users access the stairway more comfortably.

For those users who have limited hand mobility, you can get remote or joystick controls to assist with the functions of the chair. The remote control is very handy if there are more than one user living within the same house and both users need to be either up or down the stairs at the same time.

Points to Remember when Buying an Electric Stair Lift:

Electric stair lifts are not expensive compared to the freedom that they provide. Before purchasing a stair lift it is important to identify your requirements, do you have straight or curved stairs, the extent of the disability that the user suffers from and will it deteriorate in the future, and of course your budget. Ensure the electric stair lift you are researching complies with the British Standard BS 5776. An electric stair lift is a specialist piece of equipment that will provide you with the much-needed access to parts of your home that you may not normally be able to access easily. You do not want your stair lift to breakdown once you become reliant upon it, so it is also important to check the after sales service agreement with the supplier before buying the electric stair lift.