Safe Step Bathtub Enclosures For Seniors Walk In Tubs Use Of Textiles

If you are looking for the added amenities and luxury to your present bathroom style, even with walk-in tubs why don’t you go for bathtub enclosures? This site offers an extension of choices in looking for these walk-in tub enclosures that will add zest in your bathing pleasure. Today, every homeowner is confronted with a vast selection of different walk-in bathtub enclosures. These are prefabricated or customizable units with or without frame, can be made of glass or plastic, which serve as a barrier to keep the water and steam from getting out of your bathtub or shower.

With a hundred of choices to choose from, anybody can find tub enclosures to fit into any space and style. But first, let us make this clear that tub enclosures are different from tub surrounds. Tub surrounds are acrylic or fiberglass molded into a one-piece unit and complete with tub and three sides, or just three sides that can be installed around an existing bathtub. In a tub surround, one side is left open while with the enclosure, complete closing of the tub or shower is possible.

Framed tub enclosures usually come in many finishes. Silver, gold, brass, satin, chrome, anodized aluminum, nickel, powder coating in nickel, antiqued brass, and a wide variety of other choices to consider. Now, for more can afford homeowners, they can be even found in 24K gold. Amazing, isn’t it? Having a luxurious bathroom with bathtubs and showers of granite or marble often demands an even more attractive tub enclosure. Some homeowners believed that framed enclosures can detract from these beautiful materials. For these owners frameless tub enclosures are more attractive. The frameless tub enclosures make minimal use of hinges and metal attachments in favor of an un-obscured view of the beautiful craftsmanship or made up of the tub or shower.

So how will go about in buying these walk in bathtub enclosures for your bathtub? When you compare walk-in tub prices, certain things need to be considered. Remember that nothing improves a bathroom like a new bathtub enclosure, therefore making it easier to keep clean and it will also lessen the chance of water damage. There are some that can be done-on-your-own and some others that require professional help. But these are the things that you can do on your own as you prepare:

First, measure for your tub surround. You have to measure the surfaces around the tub that you want to be covered with the surround. Measure also the doors and passageways where the materials will have to come through in getting them to the bathroom. Then, decide what material to use for your new tub enclosure. You can look and browse over magazines and books, even online stores, and do an extensive research.

Next will be to decide between ceramic tile, glass, natural stone, engineered surface, fiberglass and acrylic. The do-it-yourself products are tile, fiberglass and acrylic. Glass and stone and solid surface are best left to be done by experts and professionals. Then, select a one piece unit if you are very sure of your measurements and still have room to get the unit through existing doors. A wiser choice could be a three-piece acrylic or fiberglass unit because they can be adjusted to fit and are easier to maneuver.

Lastly, skip the mess of cleaning grout lines with an acrylic tub enclosure that is embossed to stimulate the look of ceramic tile. But then heed the following tips and little warnings too. Tub enclosures come with pre-molded shelves, soap holders and grab handles for safety and convenience. And if you decide to use granite, ensure that you have a radon detector in your home. Although granite is beautiful and durable, it emits radon.

With these simple guides, tips, and suggestions you are now ready to make the next big step of choosing and deciding the bath tub enclosures you will add to your bathroom.

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