W elcome to the first ever directory and sourcing guide to the extensive range of clothing and textile companies in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

The industry employs more people in the East Midlands than in any other part of the UK. The wide variety of companies based here gives the region its strength.

The concentration of clothing and textile companies – 800 in the two counties – has led to a number of important initiatives linking business support services and agencies together. They are all working towards one goal – to make the industry even stronger.

Not surprisingly it is a major employer in both counties with a combined workforce of 48,000 potential buyers and suppliers are now realising that companies based here have much to offer.

We have a rich past. It is this heritage, going back centuries for some, which contributes to today’s success story.

But it is not just these strong historical links which make the industry what it is today. Regional strengths such as its central location, superb transport links, and a dedicated, multi-skilled workforce make it an industry to be reckoned with.

Finely tuned into the growing needs of today’s markets, we provide the service that buyers demand – the ability to change direction at a moment’s notice and to keep pace with fashion.

It is our firm belief that Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire cannot be beaten as a place to source from, but don’t just take my word for it.

Take a glimpse through the pages that follow and see for yourself what makes the two counties simply the best.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be garments or packaging, zips, labels, buttons, threads or machines that knit the fabric, you’re sure to find it in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.