Hiring A Building Contractor For A New Conservatory

New Conservatories Build

A conservatory contractor will have all the experience and the latest energy saving conservatory solutions to create you a luxury conservatory which is usable all year round. Our bespoke conservatory design service allows us to create both traditional and contemporary conservatories, resulting in a unique, high quality addition to your home.


If you want to maximise the use of your conservatory then you should replace your roof. If you need a little more convincing, here’s some more reasons why you should replace your conservatory roof with either tiles, polycarbonate or a glass roof.

Use all year round – The latest tiled, polycarbonate and glass roofs make your conservatory cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter

Reduce your energy bills – Less heating in Winter and, with tiles, the opportunity to fit Solar Panels to the roof too

Improve the value of you home – With the latest technology conservatory your house will be worth more

Skylight windows – If chosing a tiled roof, skylight windows can be fitted too

Lightweight Tiles – All the benefits of a solid roof, without putting extra pressure on your conservatory’s frame and foundations.

“Heat Block” Polycarbonate – Rejects 87% of solar gain keeping the conservatory cool in Summer and a U value of 1.2 keeps the conservatory warmer in Winter

Self Cleaning Glass – Reduces heat loss in Winter by up to 45% and is as effective as triple glazing

All tiles come with a 40 year weatherproof guarantee and having been tested against extreme weather conditions, making them the ideal roofing solution for your conservatory along with the polycarbonate and glass options.

Conservatory Contractor guarantees:

Make sure you get the prospective builders of a new conservatory to agree to atleast the following:

  • Your conservatory will be usable all year round
  • It will be warmer in Winter
  • It will be cooler in Summer
  • You will use your conservatory a lot more
  • Your heating bills will reduce
  • Compare conservatory prices throughout the UK

Types Of Conservatories

Victorian and Edwardian Conservatories

If you are looking for a traditional conservatory we can offer you a wide choice, anything from a simple lean-to through to an ambitious Victorian or Edwardian design. One feature we specialise in is the integration of bi-folding doors to open up the conservatory to the outdoors when weather permits.

Contemporary Conservatories

Many homeowners require a modern, contemporary interpretation of a conservatory. We help design and create the bespoke Conservatory you are looking for and to create a unique new living space for your home.



In the 17th Century, orangeries were popular amongst the “well heeled” for growing exotic plants and fruits which normally only grow in warmer climates.

Today, orangeries are elegant, light and airy home extensions with large “lantern” roofs and tall windows; they are usable all year round. Conservatories differ from Orangeries in that the walls of an orangery are partly constructed from stone, brick and hardwood rather than purely glass.

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