Electric Stair Lift Info: Is An Electric Stair Lift The Right Solution?

An electric stair lift is an economical and practical solution for the elderly or physically impaired which provides safe and easy movement from one floor of your house to another. Having the ability to install access devices like an electric stair lift has meant that even those individuals who previously were only able to climb or descend the stairs with the assistance of another, can now live a more normal and independent life in their own home.

Electric Stair Lifts Models for Indoor and Outdoor Use:

There are now a number of respected stairlift manufacturers who supply indoor and outdoor electric stair lifts – see a complete guide to stair lift reviews & costs. The models designed to operate outdoors are made with ample weatherproofing so they will resist the weather, even in extreme conditions. It doesn’t matter if your stairs are straight or curved as you can get an electric stair lift to fit both types. They can be mounted to either side of the staircase and do not require any structural modifications to your building. This makes them a very cost-effective addition to your home compared to alternatives like a residential elevator.

Designed with User-friendly Controls and Enhanced Safety Features:

Electric stair lifts now come with exceptional safety features as standard. These include seat belts, padded armrests, swivel seats, safety brakes and more. Stairlifts now also come with obstruction sensors. This sensor detects any obstructions blocking the path of the stair chair lift, and stops it automatically when it encounters an obstacle. This is a really important feature which helps to avoid the chances of the user getting injured and the lift getting damaged during operation. The stair lifts are also integrated with a folding facility, which allows the lift to be remain folded when not in use. This lets other users access the stairway more comfortably.

For those users who have limited hand mobility, you can get remote or joystick controls to assist with the functions of the chair. The remote control is very handy if there are more than one user living within the same house and both users need to be either up or down the stairs at the same time.

Points to Remember when Buying an Electric Stair Lift:

Electric stair lifts are not expensive compared to the freedom that they provide. Before purchasing a stair lift it is important to identify your requirements, do you have straight or curved stairs, the extent of the disability that the user suffers from and will it deteriorate in the future, and of course your budget. Ensure the electric stair lift you are researching complies with the British Standard BS 5776. An electric stair lift is a specialist piece of equipment that will provide you with the much-needed access to parts of your home that you may not normally be able to access easily. You do not want your stair lift to breakdown once you become reliant upon it, so it is also important to check the after sales service agreement with the supplier before buying the electric stair lift.

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