ADT vs Frontpoint vs Protect America vs Vivint – Which is the Best Security System?

In today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint home security systems, we’re going to go over the key similarities, key differences, what you get in their respective packages, the installation processes to professional monitoring options, the customer support, and finally delve into their mobile applications so that you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Let’s kick off today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint by going over their key similarities. Now, with each of these systems, you’re going to have to sign a long-term contract.

Unfortunately, there are no flexible month-to-month contracting with any of these companies. The second thing you’ll note is that they basically all come at the same core components for our home security system. That means a hub, motion sensors, entry sensors, and an indoor video camera to make sure you capture anything going on inside of your home. Let’s check out the differences now between ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint. The first big one is installation. ADT and Frontpoint are pretty straightforward do-it-yourself installation processes. Protect America is do-it-yourself but on the phone with a customer service representative while Vivint requires you to have a professional come in and install the entire home security system.

They also differ when it comes to professional monitoring. ADT and Frontpoint require professional monitoring. Protect America requires you to pay for cellular backup but gives you professional monitoring for free. Vivint actually allows for you to self-monitor your system. Hold on, hold on. A quick break. I hope you’re enjoying today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint. If you want to be kept up to date on the newest in smart home security, password managers, VPNs, please subscribe to our channel. We’re dropping new content weekly. Let’s get back to the video. Now that we’ve gone over the key similarities and key differences, let’s check out the systems themselves. With ADT, I’ve got the video package. With Vivint, I got the basic security system and I ordered customized systems from Frontpoint and Protect America.

One should note that with each of these home security systems, I got at the very least motion sensors, entry sensors, indoor video cameras, and security hubs. If you want to see a breakdown of all the components that we’ll find with each of these systems, check out our full written comparison in the link below. Let’s talk about installation. ADT, Frontpoint, and Protect America have do-it-yourself installation. Vivint requires you to pay about $129 and they’ll have a professional come and install it.

Honestly, of the DIY experiences, they’re all pretty straight forward as they had guided setups right there on their mobile applications. One thing that did stand out to me is Protect America does have the do-it-yourself setup but they also require you to call someone on the phone to set it up which is something I actually liked because during that phone call, we went through setting up each piece and actually ensuring that it worked. It’s the best of both worlds with professional and do-it-yourself installation.

None of these really jumped out at me that hard but I will note that if you don’t want to pay for cellular backup, you can get professional monitoring for free going with the Protect America home security system. When it comes to top system for professional monitoring, I’m going with Protect America.

If you’ve been paying attention today, you’ll note that there hasn’t really been a clear winner in today’s comparison of ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, and Vivint. It’s going to really boil down to a personal preference. Maybe I can help out and break it down a little bit further for you in super simple terms. You’re going to want to go with ADT if you want the tried and true biggest most popular home security provider in America today. Along with that they even give you the option to FaceTime with a customer service representative. Frontpoint has the outright best customer support in the game. All of them with a one-year contract option. Protect America has the most affordable equipment and will even give you someone to talk to on the phone as you go through your do-it-yourself installation process. Finally, Vivint has someone come to your home and very professionally install the system and will provide you with the best mobile app experience that there is out there for home security systems. Overall, four systems, four very different experiences but four solid choices for home security.

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