Mobility Scooters: How to Choose a Lightweight Travel Mobility Scooter

So which Travel Mobility scooter is right for you?

This article introduces us to one of the many mobility scooters models available on the market

Today, I wanted to go ahead and concentrate on the Pride Go Go line. So let’s get started with the Go Go 3-wheel Ultra X scooter. This is Pride’s entry-level scooter and comes standard with a throttle pod, a key. It has its battery gauge and a horn. It also comes with a front basket, adjustable arm rest, and a swivel swivel seat.

With a maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds and a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour, you’re able to get 8 miles per charge. The optional colors include red and blue. Next up in our Go Go Ultra X line is the 4-wheel model.

This model features all the features and benefits as the 3-wheel model, however, it has a fourth wheel for stability and less than 6 lbs in overall weight. And for those of you that require a little more luxury, the Go Go Elite Traveller may be the scooter for you.

With a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds and a 4.25 miles per hour maximum speed, you still get the up to 8 miles per charge. In addition to the practical features of the Go Go Ultra X, the Elite Traveller will start to add some cosmetic features, so really depending on your mood for that day, you can have the red color, which this piece can be removed on any color that’s red and be changed.


Feeling a little lively on that day, and you want to go with blue? You can change every piece in the scooter to blue. And if you feel a little race-y and kinda wanna go out and get somebody off the road, you can go ahead and go with the silver. And again, that changes anything that’s red or blue or silver can be changed throughout the entire scooter, depending on your mood.

So we’ve looked at the Go Go Ultra X, the Go Go Elite Traveller, and now it’s time to look at the Go Go Elite Plus HD. So for those of you who require 325 pounds maximum carrying capacity and would like to go up to 4.5 miles per hour, this is the scooter for you. You’ll also get up to 12 miles per battery charge and larger tires, so you can drive on most surfaces.

So there you have it. It really is that easy to get your freedom and independence back.

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Electric Stair Lift Info: Is An Electric Stair Lift The Right Solution?

An electric stair lift is an economical and practical solution for the elderly or physically impaired which provides safe and easy movement from one floor of your house to another. Having the ability to install access devices like an electric stair lift has meant that even those individuals who previously were only able to climb or descend the stairs with the assistance of another, can now live a more normal and independent life in their own home.

Electric Stair Lifts Models for Indoor and Outdoor Use:

There are now a number of respected stairlift manufacturers who supply indoor and outdoor electric stair lifts – see a complete guide to stair lift reviews & costs. The models designed to operate outdoors are made with ample weatherproofing so they will resist the weather, even in extreme conditions. It doesn’t matter if your stairs are straight or curved as you can get an electric stair lift to fit both types. They can be mounted to either side of the staircase and do not require any structural modifications to your building. This makes them a very cost-effective addition to your home compared to alternatives like a residential elevator.

Designed with User-friendly Controls and Enhanced Safety Features:

Electric stair lifts now come with exceptional safety features as standard. These include seat belts, padded armrests, swivel seats, safety brakes and more. Stairlifts now also come with obstruction sensors. This sensor detects any obstructions blocking the path of the stair chair lift, and stops it automatically when it encounters an obstacle. This is a really important feature which helps to avoid the chances of the user getting injured and the lift getting damaged during operation. The stair lifts are also integrated with a folding facility, which allows the lift to be remain folded when not in use. This lets other users access the stairway more comfortably.

For those users who have limited hand mobility, you can get remote or joystick controls to assist with the functions of the chair. The remote control is very handy if there are more than one user living within the same house and both users need to be either up or down the stairs at the same time.

Points to Remember when Buying an Electric Stair Lift:

Electric stair lifts are not expensive compared to the freedom that they provide. Before purchasing a stair lift it is important to identify your requirements, do you have straight or curved stairs, the extent of the disability that the user suffers from and will it deteriorate in the future, and of course your budget. Ensure the electric stair lift you are researching complies with the British Standard BS 5776. An electric stair lift is a specialist piece of equipment that will provide you with the much-needed access to parts of your home that you may not normally be able to access easily. You do not want your stair lift to breakdown once you become reliant upon it, so it is also important to check the after sales service agreement with the supplier before buying the electric stair lift.

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Safe Step Bathtub Enclosures For Seniors Walk In Tubs Use Of Textiles

If you are looking for the added amenities and luxury to your present bathroom style, even with walk-in tubs why don’t you go for bathtub enclosures? This site offers an extension of choices in looking for these walk-in tub enclosures that will add zest in your bathing pleasure. Today, every homeowner is confronted with a vast selection of different walk-in bathtub enclosures. These are prefabricated or customizable units with or without frame, can be made of glass or plastic, which serve as a barrier to keep the water and steam from getting out of your bathtub or shower.

With a hundred of choices to choose from, anybody can find tub enclosures to fit into any space and style. But first, let us make this clear that tub enclosures are different from tub surrounds. Tub surrounds are acrylic or fiberglass molded into a one-piece unit and complete with tub and three sides, or just three sides that can be installed around an existing bathtub. In a tub surround, one side is left open while with the enclosure, complete closing of the tub or shower is possible.

Framed tub enclosures usually come in many finishes. Silver, gold, brass, satin, chrome, anodized aluminum, nickel, powder coating in nickel, antiqued brass, and a wide variety of other choices to consider. Now, for more can afford homeowners, they can be even found in 24K gold. Amazing, isn’t it? Having a luxurious bathroom with bathtubs and showers of granite or marble often demands an even more attractive tub enclosure. Some homeowners believed that framed enclosures can detract from these beautiful materials. For these owners frameless tub enclosures are more attractive. The frameless tub enclosures make minimal use of hinges and metal attachments in favor of an un-obscured view of the beautiful craftsmanship or made up of the tub or shower.

So how will go about in buying these walk in bathtub enclosures for your bathtub? When you compare walk-in tub prices, certain things need to be considered. Remember that nothing improves a bathroom like a new bathtub enclosure, therefore making it easier to keep clean and it will also lessen the chance of water damage. There are some that can be done-on-your-own and some others that require professional help. But these are the things that you can do on your own as you prepare:

First, measure for your tub surround. You have to measure the surfaces around the tub that you want to be covered with the surround. Measure also the doors and passageways where the materials will have to come through in getting them to the bathroom. Then, decide what material to use for your new tub enclosure. You can look and browse over magazines and books, even online stores, and do an extensive research.

Next will be to decide between ceramic tile, glass, natural stone, engineered surface, fiberglass and acrylic. The do-it-yourself products are tile, fiberglass and acrylic. Glass and stone and solid surface are best left to be done by experts and professionals. Then, select a one piece unit if you are very sure of your measurements and still have room to get the unit through existing doors. A wiser choice could be a three-piece acrylic or fiberglass unit because they can be adjusted to fit and are easier to maneuver.

Lastly, skip the mess of cleaning grout lines with an acrylic tub enclosure that is embossed to stimulate the look of ceramic tile. But then heed the following tips and little warnings too. Tub enclosures come with pre-molded shelves, soap holders and grab handles for safety and convenience. And if you decide to use granite, ensure that you have a radon detector in your home. Although granite is beautiful and durable, it emits radon.

With these simple guides, tips, and suggestions you are now ready to make the next big step of choosing and deciding the bath tub enclosures you will add to your bathroom.

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